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Your Community

You and your family have lived, worked or played in South Pacific County for years. While you appreciate the beauty and richness of our area, you are also aware that there are pockets of poverty, reduced educational opportunities, limited access to arts and culture, and other unmet needs.

Through the South Pacific County Community Foundation (SPCCF), your charitable gift, joined with others, becomes a powerful investment to improve the social and economic health of our community.

Local philanthropy enhances the lives of its citizens and strengthens community values. With your help, SPCCF provides an effective partnership to best accomplish these goals in south Pacific County. We offer our donors a simple, powerful, and personal approach to giving. Every gift to SPCCF - big or small - is valued.

With a broad array of ways to give, we believe there is a giving choice for everyone, regardless of financial means. Here, we hope you find many answers to questions about donating through SPCCF.

If you need more information, we're happy to take the time to talk with you, and we welcome your call.