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Your Choice

When you give a charitable gift to be managed by SPCCF, you are provided a great deal of flexibility and funding choice. YOU choose the way your gift will work to help the South Pacific County community.

SPCCF offers donors the opportunity to make a personal, lasting contribution through a variety of established funds, or, you may start a new fund. Options include:

  • An unrestricted gift to an endowment pool in which funding decisions are made each year by SPCCF's Board of Directors.
  • A general area of need or interest, such as education, children's health or arts and culture.
  • Designate one or more specific non-profit organization to receive your gift.
  • Each year recommend a distribution of funds to a specific non-profit organization.
  • Education Grants are either named specifically or focus on particular areas of interest such as art, science or engineering.

Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law. Always consult with your tax professional before making a charitable gift.