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What Is A Community Foundation?

Community foundations build capacity for generations to come; they are living confirmation of the commitment of the present generation to future generations.

A Community Foundation broadens philanthropy within its community, helping to improve the lives of the people who live in that community. With careful planning, and management of assets for the long term, a community foundation also serves to strengthen other nonprofit organizations serving that community.

SPCCF is a registered public charity with 501 (c) 3 status.

By pooling donated funds, giving through a Community Foundation reduces the cost of managing money. This benefits the target community - in this case south Pacific County - by providing more income to flow to the community's funded organizations.

Our community foundation does not compete with other organizations for memberships, annual donations, or fundraising events. There is no competition between other nonprofits and community foundations for year-to-year funds. If you are already making annual donations to key nonprofits in your community, we hope you will continue to do so. See When NOT to Give Through SPCCF for more information.

Community foundations encourage long-term funding through endowments. They also make it simpler and easier to donate to other nonprofit organizations. Because it is a bit like one-stop shopping, it's not uncommon for philanthropic giving to double within a community with an active community foundation.

Community foundations make grants to other nonprofits and to educational institutions. They do not make grants to individuals. In the case of a named endowment fund for a specific organization, the income from that fund goes to the named organization. In the case of a named education grant endowment, students apply, and if selected those grants are paid to their designated educational institutions; the funds are credited to the students' accounts.