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Profiles in Philanthropy

Kathleen Sayce

Kathleen Sayce

When she graduated from Ilwaco High School, Kathleen Sayce was awarded a Hamilton College Scholarship. While in college she decided to help set up a new fund, "Hamilton II," in order to continue this great legacy through generations of recipients. Sayce believes that healthy, smart, well-educated students continue to be one of the best products of the south Pacific County community.

To do her part to increase the ability of students to obtain good college educations, her vision was to grow the Hamilton II fund into new education grants that could make significant contributions toward college expenses for local students.

Sayce also saw local nonprofit organizations struggling with year to year expenses, and realized that if a simple, direct way to manage endowment money could be established, then many local organizations would benefit from charitable giving, as would the donors. This led to her help in founding SPCCF.

Sayce's favorite quote about building capacity is: "The best time to plant a tree was a generation ago. The second best time is today."