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Partner With Us

The decision to make a significant donation should not be rushed. Decisions include those concerning the types of assets to donate, how to make the donation, whether you want to start a new fund or add to existing funds, and how much recognition you and your family desire.

Please take time to think about what matters to you, then contact SPCCF about making a donation. To help you get started in your decision-making process, some of the choices you will need to make are outlined below.

You may:
  • Contribute assets: cash, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and—under certain circumstances—other assets.
  • Select a giving method that meets your financial and charitable goals: wills, trusts, or direct transfers.
  • Contribute to existing funds.
  • Establish a fund: unrestricted, field of interest, designated, agency, donor advised, or educational.
  • Select your level of "donor visibility": create a personal legacy by naming a fund established by you, give under your name, or give anonymously.
  • Realize benefits, both personal and financial: know you are making a tangible and important contribution to your community, while qualifying for maximum tax advantage under federal law.

We Will
  • Invest your gift wisely: We consider safety first and return second.
  • Monitor community needs in all areas: the arts, economic development, education, environment, health care, and human services.
  • Award grants: community needs are met via grants made from the earnings of your charitable donations.
  • Provide you feedback: we will inform you of investment performance and grant awards.
  • Handle the details: all administration of funds and grants will be done by the Foundation.