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Pacific County Marine Resource Committee Fund

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Donations to the PC-MRC Fund go to fund grants for several events and programs. When you make a donation to this fund, include a note about which program you want to support. General donations are spread among the following list of active programs.

1. An annual PC-MRC science conference is held each spring at the cranberry research station (WSU-LB) on Pioneer Road, Long Beach, WA. Donations to this event help pay for refreshments, speakers and other expenses. Note 'Science Conference' on your donation.

2. Every three or four years, Pacific County hosts the Marine Resource Committee Summit, attended by all coastal MRCs. Donations to the summit help pay for lodging, food, speaker expenses and other event expenses. Note 'Summit' on your donation.

3. PC-MRC supports beach cleanup through Grassroots Garbage Gang (G3). For more information about this important thrice-annually cleanup, see Their most important cleanup is the 5th of July, when many tons of trash are removed from local beaches. PC-MRC also funds removal of marine plastics debris, including abandoned crab pots and fishing nets, and shellfish off-bottom culture materials. Donations help pay for trash bags, dumpsters and other costs. Note 'beach cleanup' on your donation.

4. PCMRC wants to expand local science and environmental education programs from the county-wide fourth grade program to include the eighth grade. This program is offered by Friends of Willapa Refuge. Donations help pay for materials and transportation for this program. Note 'Willapa Education' on your donation.

When donating to this fund with a check, please download and fill out the required contribution form and mail it with your check to the address at the bottom of this form.

Please make checks out to SPCCF, and on the memo line, write the name of the fund you wish to donate to.

Our mailing address is SPCCF, PO Box 75, Nahcotta WA 98637.

Your community thanks you!

More about PC MRC:

Mission: The Pacific County Marine Resource Committee serves as a steward for the marine and estuarine resources in our county by facilitating science based policies, research, and education that enhance the sustainability of the economy and ecology of our communities.

Pacific County Marine Resource Committee (PCMRC) is one of four Coastal County Marine Resource Committees in western Washington. Through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, PCMRC is provided with grant funding to distribute to local groups, which create projects achieving the benchmarks for the MRC program.

These benchmarks currently include projects focusing on: Marine Habitats, Marine Life, Marine and Fresh Water Quality, Sound Science, Education and Outreach, and Coastal Communities.

Through these activities, the PCMRC coordinates with diverse partners, supporting creative and action-oriented solutions, and providing a platform for education and outreach on local issues. Current projects include Grassroots Garbage Gang, PCMRC Science Club, annual local Science Conference, participating in WCMAC [Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Committee), and several schools' programs in environmental and marine education.

PC-MRC is hosted by Pacific Conservation District, which manages their state and federal grants. Private donations are routed to PCMRC through this foundation.