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FAQ About Organizational Grants

The Foundation will

  • Make grants only to qualified, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations for work directly benefiting residents of the southern portion of Pacific County, Washington.
  • Favor those applications that show the greatest promise of attracting additional support from the community.
  • Favor projects that meet specific community needs and benefit a broad segment of the local population.

The Foundation is unlikely to

  • Make multi-year grants.
  • Make grants for operating support without special circumstances.
  • Make grants to projects or organizations that do not match our giving priorities.

The Foundation will not

  • Make grants when the activities are not clearly described.
  • Make grants when the goals are not specific or realistic.
  • Make grants when the financial information is incomplete or unclear.
  • Make grants to religious organizations for religious purposes.
  • Make grants to individuals.
  • Make grants for endowments, debt retirement, political campaigns, or fundraising events.
  • Make grants to organizations that discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, or physical ability.
  • Make retroactive grants; requests must be for a project or activity that is planned for the future.