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While we encourage you to give through SPCCF soon, today we do want you to take the time to think about which nonprofits, activities, community sectors, and potential giving opportunities are important to you, and how you would like to support those worthwhile causes now, and into the future.

If, each year, you donate to a variety of organizations, whether it is $100 or $1,000 or more, please keep doing so. These regular donations are very important to those organizations!

Please talk to your tax advisor, estate planner, or attorney if you are planning to make a gift to the foundation. There may be tax or estate implications, and we want you to be fully informed of those implications. If you would like someone from SPCCF to talk to you, or to your financial advisor, please contact us. Our board members will be happy to talk to you.

Donation options include online, by connecting to the fund you want to donate to, or by check via the mail.

If donating to an existing fund by check, please download and fill out the required contribution form and mail it with your check to the address at the bottom of the form. Please write checks to SPCCF, and on the memo line, the name of the fund you wish to donate to. Our mailing address is SPCCF, PO Box 75, Nahcotta WA 98637.

Your community thanks you!

Donate To A Fund

Below is a list of SPCCF funds accepting donation. If you have questions, please contact us by phone 360-665-5292 or email

Mission Funds

  • Partners in Philanthropy - donate - Grants made from this fund support needs in south Pacific County based on donors' wishes. This fund is not endowed, and donations made in a current year may be granted during that year to specific activities or organizations. Donors tell us when making their donations which activities or organizations they wish to support.
  • SPC Community Endowment Fund - donate - Income from this permanent fund supports grants to fulfill the mission of SPCCF, to improve the quality of life in south Pacific County.

Donor Advised Funds

  • Rising Stars Fund - donate - Parents, relatives and community members donate funds for programs that support education excellence at Naselle-Grays River Valley School District.

Education Grant Funds

  • Chefs Jimella Lucas and Nanci Main Culinary Scholarship Fund - donate - Makes grants for young adults with high school diplomas or GED certificates who are interested in cooking skills, or in food quality, or food integrity studies.


  • Cornerstone Fund - donate - Donations support operation of the foundation during the current year.
  • South Pacific County Foundation Fund - donate - Donations help build an endowment for this fund; income from this fund supports operations.

Scholarship Funds

  • Carol Peterson Schwartz Memorial Fund - donate - Carol's Fund provides 2-4th year education grants to graduates of south Pacific County high schools who are pursuing degrees in medicine (nursing, pre-med), and to medical professionals who live or work in south Pacific County for continuing education courses in palliative care.
  • Janet Mack Wilson Memorial Fund - donate - For graduating seniors of South Bend and Raymond High Schools, a scholarship for those pursuing studies in core sciences, engineering and mathematics. The award is $5,000 per student. Two awards, one per school, are available each year.
  • Silent Key Fund - donate - Makes education grants to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) majors. The Pacific County Amateur Radio Club selects the awardees. Two grants are made per year, one each in north and south Pacific County.

Organization's Funds

  • Greatest Needs Fund - donate - This permanent fund makes grants to support critical needs in south Pacific County. The SPCCF board directs the grants based on annual evaluation of funding gaps and rising needs.
  • Ilwaco-Long Beach Kiwanis Club Fund - donate - Funds programs that support children and youth programs in south Pacific County.
  • Pacific County Marine Resource Committee Fund - donate - Donations to the PC-MRC Fund go to fund grants for several events and programs. PC-MRC science conference, Marine Resource Committee Summit, beach cleanup through Grassroots Garbage Gang, and local science and environmental education programs in Pacific County Schools.
  • Seaview Sign Fund - donate - Created to replace and eventually to maintain a new beach approach sign for the Seaview community.
  • Willapa Natural Resource Center Fund - donate - This Fund was established to raise capital for the Friends' spaces in a new headquarters building. The present office building is more than 70 years old and in poor condition, with no room for the Friends group or its activities.

Donate A Car Or Other Vehicle

SPCCF participates in the Center for Car Donations program, which handles all the details of selling your car and transferring the registration. We typically receive 30% of the car's value. Call our office to see if your car qualifies.

To improve valuations, if your car is in good running order, have it washed and detailed before it is picked up.

The process is simple: You fill out the online form, and Center for Car Donations contacts you to arrange pick up, which takes less than two weeks.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Shop at Fred Meyer? Sign up for their Community Rewards Program. SPCCF's number is #82951. Donations go to the SPC Endowment Fund, which makes grants to nonprofit organizations in our community.