Community Foundation FAQ

Community foundations are tax-exempt public charities, recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as 501 c 3 nonprofit corporations, which are tax-exempt organizations, and are registered with both the state and federal governments.

They serve communities and people who share a common interest in improving the quality of life in their area. South Pacific County Community Foundation (SPCCF) is one of 700 Community foundations nationwide and one of nearly 40 community foundations in the state.

SPCCF is registered as a charitable foundation with the Washington Office of Secretary of State, and with the IRS as tax-exempt. It was founded in 2012, and its federal tax ID number is 30-0752563.

The main focus of a community foundation is improving the quality of life in their area. Community foundations typically work in defined geographic areas, in the case of SPCCF, the area is south Pacific County. The Foundation gives the community a place to hold donations for long-term endowment and grants management. Your gift is preserved and protected. SPCCF funds the activities you wish it to support in perpetuity.

The region includes the Peninsula and mainland south Pacific County north to the northern border of the Naselle-Grays River School District. The communities include Oysterville, Surfside, Ocean Park, Nahcotta, Klipsan, Long Beach, Seaview, Ilwaco, Chinook, and Naselle.

Donated funds come in to SPCCF to support many different causes, and those funds are pooled for investment management. Due to pooling the funds, the foundation's fund management costs are lower than if the dollars donated were managed within many small funds. That means SPCCF spends less money on fund management, and more money is available for investment in our community.

Community foundations manage endowments for nonprofits that are in good standing with the IRS, as well as to schools, hospitals, and other agencies. These include school districts, museums, fire departments, surf rescue, health agencies and hospitals, animal rescue organizations, and "Friends of" organizations, to name just a few categories.

SPCCF checks the status of all organizations it works with on the Washington Office of Secretary of State's website.

Our community foundation does not compete with existing organizations in our community.

Community foundations do not have memberships or annual dues, nor do they typically hold charity dinners, auctions, garage sales, or other fund raising activities. They do have annual recognition meetings, where donors and participating organizations are recognized.

If you make annual donations to local nonprofit organizations, those activities will likely continue. Local nonprofit organizations will continue to operate as in the past.

No, existing organizations may continue to manage their own funds. There is no requirement or expectation that existing nonprofits give up any control over their own endowments or other funds that are managed long term.

Should an organization want to improve its returns or reduce time and expense related to management endowments, please contact SPCCF for information about how our foundation can work with your organization.

A Board of Directors comprised of individuals who are representative of South Pacific County. (See About Us, Board Members)

Our donations come from members of the community, relatives and friends, who may or may not live here. We accept donations of all sizes, from quite small to very large. These include cash, stocks, bonds, cars, and if there's a willing buyer lined up for real or personal property, we may also accept those donations.

By establishing a fund or donating to an existing fund within a community foundation, donors can contribute their gifts to a wide variety of charitable funds. Donors interested in planned giving through their estates can name South Pacific County Community Foundation in their estate plans, or other planned gifts.

To support and improve the quality of life in South Pacific County. With our legal apparatus in place, existing documents are available so that a charitable fund can be established - include obtaining all applicable tax advantages - in a very short time.

We can help with annual tax planning, and with estate planning. SPCCF provides several important financial benefits to donors, including the maximum tax deduction allowed by law, or fifty percent of your taxes. SPCCF also accepts bequests from estates.

We can simplify your donation process: Donors may support a number of charitable causes by creating a single tax-deductible fund at the South Pacific County Community Foundation, from which several donations can be made.

SPCCF is recognized as a tax exempt organization by the IRS. Donations to the foundation are irrevocable. The date of recognition by the IRS is February 22, 2012, so any donation made after that date is exempt to the extent allowed by law from federal income tax.

SPCCF readily accepts donations of cash, stocks or bonds. We are also able to accept residuals of estates. SPCCF will help donors and their legal advisors with wording in estate planning documents. We are able to accept real estate when there is a willing buyer ready to purchase that asset. (SEE WAYS TO GIVE)

We can accept cars or other vehicles in good running order through the Center for Car Donations.

At this time we are unable to accept personal property unless there is a willing buyer ready and able to purchase those assets. (Donations We Are ABLE To Accept)

Community foundations build endowments over time and are managed by a group of people in the community. Family foundations tend to be funded by one entity, a family, and then are managed by the family or its designees. Community foundations have a strict set of guidelines they follow to manage costs; family foundations do not. More information about Community foundations can be found at the Council on Foundations.

SPCCF does not have one focus area. The focus of a community foundation is first and foremost to manage endowments for the community. We have two funds that work on current problems, and provide donor directed options (Greatest Needs Fund and Partners in Philanthropy Fund).

The Greatest Need Fund (GNF) addresses serious current needs, which change over time. Grants from this fund are distributed to organizations that work in sectors suffering from capacity issues. At this time these include: childhood education, child and elder health, low income housing, and food assistance. GNF provides financial resources to these and other areas where a significant gap exists between a current community need and the capacity to deliver services to address those needs.

Our Partners in Philanthropy Fund (PIP) helps donors direct funds to organizations they support. Donations to this fund go to agencies or organizations specified by the donor. This enables a donor to write one check, and have funds go to several organizations. This fund is not permanent, which means it is not endowed. Funds that come to PIP go out to their destination organizations.

Yes, we accept funds for named grants, and also accept donations in the name of a remembered person to several funds.

South Pacific County Community Foundation provides all IRS reporting, assurance and accountability. SPCCF does due diligence to assure that all grant recipients meet the requirements for tax-deductible status. Our donors are kept apprised of special community needs. We can help donors publicize their funds or, conversely, provide anonymity for donors, whichever they prefer.