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Education Grants List


  • Carol Peterson Schwartz Memorial Fund - Awards scholarships in two areas.

    One is to students who have graduated from south Pacific County high schools and are pursuing degrees in medicine, towards nursing, medical technology or physician. These grants are for years 2-4, and can be applied for in winter for the following school year.

    Area two is for medical professionals who live or work in south Pacific County, and who, for continuing education, seek training in palliative care. These grants can be applied for at any time, a few months ahead of this training, as these courses tend to be held outside normal academic training.

  • Chefs Jimella Lucas and Nanci Main Culinary Scholarship Fund - Awards scholarships for young adults with high school diplomas or GED certificates who live in south Pacific County and are interested in improving professional cooking skills, or in food quality, or food integrity studies.
  • Silent Key Fund - Awards scholarships to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) majors. The Pacific County Amateur Radio Club selects the awardees, which are confirmed by the SPCCF board. Two grants are made per year, one each in north and south Pacific County.