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Education Grant FAQs

  • Silent Key Memorial Fund STEM Grants
  • Chefs Jimella Lucas/Nanci Main Culinary Scholarship Fund
Certain education grants are targeted to career paths available at vocational schools.
An education grant may be used to pay for tuition, lab fees and required text materials. It may not be applied to transportation, off campus housing costs, or general living costs.
Awards are always paid to the educational institution once enrollment at that institution has been verified. Any unused portion will be returned to the Foundation. No awards will be made directly to students or their families.
Applications for college programs are due the first business day in March. Applications are reviewed in the spring and awarded in late May.

Applications for palliative care training (Carol Peterson Schwartz Memorial Fund) are due 2 months ahead of planning training, for medical professionals who live or work in south Pacific County.
The availability of education grants is announced locally on our website, in newspapers and at schools. Applications can be downloaded from the Foundation website or requested by mail from South Pacific County Community Foundation, P.O. Box 75, Nahcotta WA 98637.
Recipients are selected based upon a fully completed application that is submitted by the specified deadline. The Committee reviews all the completed applications and determines which individuals best fit a grant's particular criteria. Interviews may be arranged and additional information may be requested. Recommendations for an education grant are made by the Grants Committee to the Board of Directors of the South Pacific County Community Foundation. The Board makes the final decisions and approves all education grants awarded. Not all applicants will receive funding: funding is competitive.
The date of notification depends on the grant. College scholarships are announced either at awards night or graduation, whichever is customary for your high school. Palliative care grant awards are announced directly to awardees.

Please contact the Foundation at for information about your specific application.
At this time, none of our education grants are renewable.