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Donor Considerations

Once you decide to make a donation through SPCCF, there are choices to be made to insure your community investment is best placed to satisfy your intentions. SPCCF offers you an array of options toward building long term endowments for organizations, activities or causes close to your heart. The choices are wide - from endowing specific organizations - to community activities or interest areas you chose to support. Please think about your preferences, and talk to a board member to start a conversation.

  • If you plan a significant donation that is intended as an endowment--in which only the income will be used by one or more organizations - and the endowment will be managed in perpetuity, contact SPCCF. Endowments are long term investments in a community, and community foundations are designed to manage these gifts.
  • If you plan bequests to endow several organizations, contact SPCCF. Also have your estate planner or attorney talk with us. Community foundations are intended to manage endowments over several areas of interest.
  • If you plan a donation to an endowment fund SPCCF already manages, talk to us about adding to that fund. Click here for a list of our existing funds.
  • If you wish to set up a new fund to support a nonprofit effort or an area of personal interest, contact SPCCF. Community foundations manage endowed funds to benefit nonprofit organizations, specific interests (art, music, sports, health, children, recreation, education, etc.) institutions (schools, hospitals) and agencies (public health, parks, etc.).
  • SPCCF accepts donations to support our ongoing operations, but we do not compete with other nonprofits for those donations. Typically, a donation made to SPCCF is to a specific fund.
  • Community foundations do manage funds for capital campaigns, particularly if there is a financial goal for a specific purpose, and the time frame for acquisition or project completion is more than three to five years out.