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Board Membership

Members of the SPCCF board donate their time and talent to help make south Pacific County a better place to live. Being a SPCCF board member is very rewarding, and demonstrates a commitment to our community; it also carries duties. While you consider joining the SPCCF board, please review and evaluate the Foundation's mission and core values, and other materials supplied to you about SPCCF.

Why join the Board?

  • You will make a positive and enduring difference to the community good of south Pacific County.
  • You will experience great satisfaction in serving your community and helping others.
  • You will broaden your experience within south Pacific County, and deepen your understanding of this community and other communities in our area.
  • You will participate in long term planning for the benefit of the community.
  • You will connect donors with the substantial needs of our community, enriching the lives of both donors and recipients.

What are the criteria for board membership?

  • Be a resident in a south Pacific County community (Naselle, Chinook or on the Peninsula)
  • Have experience or expertise in, or the willingness to learn about one or more of the following: philanthropy, finance, law, business, real estate, marketing, investments, grant-making, grant-writing, website development, organizational development, communications or public speaking.
  • Appreciate working with a dynamic and focused group as we take SPCCF from startup to an established and effective community foundation.

What are the necessary commitments of board membership?

  • Serve a three (3) year term.
  • Dedicate a minimum of six (6) hours a month to board activities, which includes attending at least nine in twelve (75%) of the board meetings each year.
  • Serve on at least one committee.
  • Be willing to talk to individuals and/or groups about SPCCF.
  • Be willing to make an annual contribution or to elicit contributions from others.

Are you a "good fit" for the SPCCF Board?

  • Read and evaluate our mission statement and core values.
  • Think over the board member commitments and criteria identified above.
  • Talk with a board member or two about the foundation and your interests.
  • Attend a board meeting to determine if your personal style fits with the board.