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Assessing Community Needs

During its formation years, SPCCF interviewed several local organizations to better understand their goals, mission, capacity, and needs, and the needs and issues of those they serve. These organizations are stretched thinly, and therefore challenged in efforts to fill gaps in social services for children, elders, the working poor (many of whom have several jobs), animal welfare, and other services. The information gathered by SPCCF from each organization remains confidential with SPCCF.

We do, however, share the conclusions from the aggregated information, and our first conclusion is that needs within south Pacific County are substantial - and growing.

Organizations that provide short term support, for heat and power, or long term support for food, housing, clothing and medical access, are generally stretched beyond their ability to help. Opportunities to help are numerous. It is our goal to build capacity, so that in the future more local needs will be met than are being met today.

If your organization has not been interviewed, and you would like to have it included in our on-going survey process, please contact SPCCF to set up a time for us to talk to your board.