ilwaco fish co.

Advisors' Circle

In community-wide organizations, the circle of people that provide organizationally-relevant advice and specific skills are as important as the Board of Directors in ensuring SPCCF is successful in its mission. Our Advisors' Circle fulfills this role for SPCCF.

Some of these committed and knowledgeable people may become board members later; existing board members may choose to join this circle after their board term expires.

Our Advisors' Circle members all have skills greatly valued by SPCCF, and many provide us with community-level awareness of the south Pacific County community in which they live or work. We are pleased and honored that these outstanding individuals are willing to contribute some of their time for the betterment of all of south Pacific County.

  • Cyndy Hayward
  • Dennis Long
  • Doug Goeltz
  • Gayle Borchard
  • Guy Glenn Sr.
  • Janice Peterson
  • Kelly Rupp
  • Marty Lemke
  • Patricia Moss
  • Rainer Houser
  • Rita Nicely
  • Shelly Pollock
  • Tiffany Turner