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About Education Grants

Education Grant Guidelines

South Pacific County Community Foundation (SPCCF) awards education grants at post-secondary educational institutions toward tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses or for room and board expenses payable to the institution.

Education grants are made from funds designated as SPCCF Education Funds. The SPCCF Education Grants Committee, composed of one or more of SPCCF's Board of Directors and community professionals, reviews grant applications and recommends recipents to the Board of Directors.

Education grants may be awarded for one year or for multiple years.

Education Grant Selection Process

Education Grant Committee

The Education Grants Committee acknowledges and reviews all grant applications and recommends recipients to the Foundation's Board of Directors, which authorizes all awards.

Criteria for Selection

Applicants submit a complete application, including, but not limited to:

A biographical record, and supporting material such as essays, letters of recommendation, grade transcripts, recognition for community service and special awards.

Selection Procedures

Some education grants are reviewed by and recipients proposed to the SPCCF Board of Directors by the organization or group that established that grant.

Other funds are reviewed by the Education Grants Committee, which then makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

SPCCF, its Board of Directors and Grants Committee, in considering a candidate, will not consider race, creed, age, sex or any other criteria prohibited by State or Federal legislation in making its selection.

Any member of the SPCCF Education Grants Committee and any member of the SPCCF Board of Directors must disclose any conflict of interest with a specific candidate and recluse him/herself from both consideration and the vote on any the specific education grant award.

Who Can Apply For Education Grants

Applicants are residents of south Pacific County, with a high school diploma or GED. Application forms are available from counselors or other administrators at south Pacific County educational institutions, or click here to download.

Notification Of Grant Recipients

SPCCF, or a member of the Education Grants Committee, delivers to each recipient a letter notifying him/her of the grant award.

All award amounts must be used exclusively at a post-secondary educational institution for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses at such institutions, or for on campus room and board expenses.

Said grant will be paid to the institution.

The letter shall inform the student that no funds will be disbursed until SPCCF receives confirmation that the student is enrolled in the institution. The recipient shall be required to sign and return a copy of the letter indicating his/hermacceptance of the education grant and acknowledging its conditions.

Supervision Over Grants

SPCCF requires each education grant recipient to provide annually a transcript indicating the courses taken, and grades received in each academic period covered by the grant.

The transcript must be certified by the institution's appropriate officer.

If the recipient is not taking courses, but is instead involved in the preparation of research papers or projects, the recipient shall have the mentor/supervisor prepare a brief report to SPCCF at least twice a year on the progress of the recipient's paper or project.

Upon completion of the undertaking for which the grant was made, the grantee should submit a final report or other verification describing his/her accomplishments and accounting for the funds received.

SPCCF sends the grant check directly to the educational institution selected by the recipient, and instructs the institution to deposit the check into the recipient's school account upon verification of the student's full-time status.

SPCCF instructs the institution to disburse the funds over the academic year, divided and applied equally over each quarter or semester, as the case may be.

If any funds remain after payment of the student's tuition in full, the balance shall be returned to SPCCF in the form of a check.

In the event the student transfers to another school during the academic year, the funds shall be returned to SPCCF.

If the student completes his or her schooling, or withdraws from school and will not be attending another institution within the same academic year, the residual grant funds, if any, shall be returned to SPCCF.